Hello, I am Ted Storms. Since you found this site I assume that you are looking for  ways to improve your ipad. I was in situation like this before.

My work requires me to use internet at every step. Ipad looked like a good solution and recommendations were positive. This encouraged me to give it a try. When I first bought ipad I wasn’t disappointed.

It was really useful since I’m the kind of person who travels a lot and ipad was exactly what I needed. Ipad is easy to use and very portable.

But after a few months of using ipad I started to feel that I need something more like laptop. I didn’t want to use laptop since I already used to ipad and plus laptop is much bigger, heavier and don’t has ipad’s benefits.

Still, laptops sometimes prove to have advantage when writing long document for instance. With laptop I can type two times faster than with ipad and laptop can use mouse which also helps to save more time. Having two different devices requires constant data transferring between them and that is not efficient, time wasting.

I wondered what can help me to gain benefits from both devices. And so, I visited many specialized shops, read a lot of articles and after some time I decided that the best solution is to improve ipad.

For this task I searched accessories, bought and applied them to my ipad in order to turn it into ultimate device. Making it more efficient by adding laptop’s benefits. I managed to do so.

I wrote a report based by my own experience of accessories testing. In the report I write what accessories I bought and how to apply them (if that is difficult). Report was written in 2014 so it is not outdated and the purpose of this is to help you to easier find best accessories for your ipad.